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Appointment was at 9 and I wasn’t taken back until 9:30 and I wasn’t seen until 9:40. I didn’t leave the office until 10:35. At first I was very irritated with that, but everyone was extremely friendly. The doctor was detailed and professional without being cold or impersonable. When it came to paying for my glasses, it was broken down so I could see what exactly was being charged. I bought regular glasses and prescription safety glasses and they gave me a discount since insurance doesn’t pay for safety glasses. Everything was great aside from being late to work due to it taking longer than expected. No complaints

Call for an Appointment, We are open!

We are making special arrangements with the current public health concerns. When you call Texas State Optical Kyle , we will space your appointment time to be mindful of social distancing and your personal comfort.

Texas State Optical Kyle is here for your vision care. We are aware of your concerns and are taking extra precautionary action for your protection and safety. We carefully sanitize all surfaces, including equipment, frames and supplies, frame boards, desks, and keyboards.

When you schedule your eye exam appointment, you can have the extra confidence that you will be safe and comfortable at Texas State Optical.

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